People’s Choice Award

We are pleased to announce that the BNMC Rotary Club is sponsoring an award in the amount of $500 for the recipient of the first ever YIMBY People’s Choice Award!

How to Enter:

You do not need to preregister! Just bring the required materials listed below to Buffalo YIMBY the day of the festival, April 29th.

There are three requirements:

  1. You must complete an 8.5 x 11 one page sheet that describes your project (available at the People’s Choice Table and registration). This sheet will be hung in the voting area along with the rest of the submissions.
  2. You may choose any way of promoting your project proposal, including additional images, flyers, models, videos, etc. This is your chance to give your project an extra boost and make sure voters truly understand your vision. You may display your entry at your table or ask at the People’s Choice table where you can display your support materials if you don’t have a table.
  3. You must present your project to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Rotary Club and be prepared to describe how you will use the prize money to implement your project.


Your project must also address the following questions:

  1. How does your project benefit your organization, Block Club, or neighborhood?
  2. How does your project benefit the larger community?
  3. What is the anticipated environmental, social, or other impact your project will have?
  4. Is it replicable or can it be evolved over time to have a larger impact?


Attendees will be given voting tickets when they arrive to YIMBY and check-in at the registration table.  They will then have the opportunity to use their tickets to vote for up to three projects that they feel are deserving of the $500 award which will be used to help the submitting organization get their project started.

If you are planning to submit, please be sure to arrive early so everyone has a chance to vote for your project!