About Us

Buffalo YIMBY 2018-2019: Breaking Ground is presented by Designing to Live Sustainably with Cedarland Development Group, and the City of Buffalo Division of Citizen Services.

Inspired by YIMBY Toronto, the Buffalo Yes In My Back Yard Festival will bring together Block Clubs, neighborhood groups, grass roots organizations and interested individuals to get to know each other, share ideas and experiences, and develop skills and strategies that can improve the City of Buffalo, one block at a time. YIMBY promotes the role of community groups as an integral force for positive and sustainable change in the Buffalo-Niagara Region.

The Festival will be an opportunity for people to gather, spread the word about their work, and strengthen their networks. It’s a chance to celebrate achievements and identify new challenges and opportunities in an atmosphere focused on listening, learning and engaging. YIMBY provides an opportunity for neighbors to meet neighbors, residents to meet policy makers and policy makers to meet community groups in the spirit of people coming together for positive change.

The theme of Buffalo YIMBY 2018-2019 is Breaking Ground and will highlight many of the ground breaking ideas and actions taking place in our neighborhoods today and will inspire change for tomorrow!

YIMBY will bring block clubs, community organizations, neighborhood associations, changemakers, and stakeholders under one roof to get to know each other, to share success stories and challenges, and to learn more about how to take action to make our community better, one block at a time.